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Acupuncture  is a part of the traditional Chinese medical system in which specific points on the body, called meridian points, are needling to unblock the blocked energy. The system is based on the premise that blocked energy, (qi in Chinese) in the body causes various physical, mental and emotional issues. When energy is unblocked through pressing the meridian points, it creates a free flow of energy throughout the body and promotes a healthy body and relaxed mind.

micro accupressure

Micro Acupuncture courses are : DST, MD Micro Acupuncture, AMD Micro Acupuncture and Chakra System

Course Durations : 56 Hours in total

The pressure is applied through fingers, elbow or wooden tools for specific points. It is completely non-invasive unlike acupuncture, in which fine needles are pressed into meridian points in the upper skin layer of the body.

Health problem acupressure can treat

A headache, acidity, insomnia, nausea, lower back pain, neck pain, joint pains, allergies, emotional issues like depression, mood swings, and low mood, relieve tension in muscles, promote blood circulation, erectile dysfunction in males, and general fatigue condition.


What is micro acupressure?

It is believed that our ear has specific points which are connected with various organs within the body. When these specific points are pressed or pressure is applied to them, the desired positive effect can be achieved in the corresponding organ. Thus, pressure points on the outer ear, auricular acupressure, to achieve the effect in a specific body part or organ are known as micro acupressure therapy. World health organisation considers auricular acupressure, a micro acupressure therapy.


Need for micro acupressure classes

The beauty of acupressure techniques is that they can be taught to anyone without any background information or knowledge on the therapy. No professional training is required. The self-administered pressure technique will make it easy for anyone to get treatment for numerous common ailments within minutes without the need for professionals in the comfort of home.


Classes are conducted by professionals with deep practical experience in the acupressure. The modern educational tools are used to help the man without any previous knowledge about the subject get the complete knowledge on all practical and theoretical aspects of the subject.

Through body maps, meridian maps, wide screens and audiovisual aids, and practical demonstrations of the techniques, it becomes easy to master the theory and practical aspect of the subject.

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