Diploma Courses

Reflexology Acupressure Courses

01. Certificate Course in Acupressure (C.C.A)

02. Diploma in Acupressure Therapy (D.A.T)

03. Diploma in Auricular Therapy (D.Aur.T)

04. Diploma in Face Reflexology (D.F.R)

05. Diploma in Reflexology (D.R.T)

06. Diploma in Spine Reflexology (D.S.R)

Meridian Acupressure Courses

01. Master Diploma in Acupressure Therapy (M.D.Acu)

02. Advance Course in Acupressure (A.C.A)

Sujok Acupressure Courses

01. Master Diploma in Sujok Acu Therapy (M. D.Sujok)

02. Master Diploma in Sujok Acupuncture (M.D.S.A)

03. Diploma in Sujok Acu Therapy (D.S.T)

Ayurveda Therapy Courses

01. Ayurveda Massage Therapy (A.M.T)

02. Advance Ayurveda Therapy (A.A.T)

03. Ayurveda Nutrition Course (A.N.C)

04. Ayurveda Cosmetology Course (A.C.C)

05.Diploma in Ayurvedic Acupressure (D.Ay.Acu)

Cupping/Hijama Courses

01. Diploma in Dry Cupping Therapy (D.D.C.T)

02. Master Diploma in Cupping Therapy (M.D.C.T)

03. Diploma in Herbal Cupping Therapy (D.H.C.T)

04. Master Diploma in Hijama Therapy (M.D.H.T)

05. Diploma in Fire Cupping Therapy (D.F.C.T)

Acupuncture Courses

01. Diploma in Acupuncture (D.Ac)

02. Diploma in Ear Acupuncture (D.E. Ac)

03.Master Diploma in Hand Acupuncture (M.D.H.Ac)

04. Master Diploma in Electro Acupuncture (M.D.E.Ac)

05. Diploma in Electro Acupuncture by Dr. Voll( D.A.V)

06. Master Diploma in Acupuncture (M.D.Ac)

Magnetic Courses

01. Master Diploma in Magnetic Therapy (M.D.M.T)

02. Diploma in Magnetic Therapy (D.M.T)

Yoga Courses

01. Diploma in Acu Yoga (D.A.Y)

02. Master Diploma in Acu Yoga (M.D.A.Y)

Astrology Courses

01.Master Diploma in Astrology Course (M.D.As.C)

02. Diploma in Astrology Course (D.As.C)

Vaastu Courses

01.Master Diploma in Vaastu Course (M.D.V.C)

02. Diploma in Vaastu Course (D.V.C)

Numerology Courses

01.Master Diploma in Numerology Course (M.D.N.C)

02. Diploma in Numerology Course (D.N.C)

Diet & Nutrition

01.Master Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (M.D.D.N)

02. Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (D.D.N)

Reiki Courses

01. Reiki 1st & 2nd Healing (D.R.H)

02. Reiki Master Degree (R.M.D)

03.Reiki Grand Master Degree (R.G.M.D)

Alternative Medicine Courses

01. Master Diploma in Alternative Medicine (M.D.A.M)

02. Diploma in Alternative Medicine (D.A.M)

Jyotishacharya Courses

01. Master Diploma in Jyotishacharya (M.D.J.A)

02. Diploma in Jyotishacharya (D.J.A)

Panchkarma Courses

01.Master Diploma in Panchkarma (M.D.P.K)

02. Diploma in Panchkarma (D.P.K)

Other Diploma Courses

01.Diploma in Naadi Vigyan

02. Diploma in Bach Flower Therapy

03. Diploma in Homa Therapy

04.Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy

05. Diploma in Aroma Therapy

06. Diploma in Dowsing Therapy

07.Diploma in Chakra Healing

08. Diploma in Hypnosis

09. Diploma in Sound Healing

10. Diploma in Moxa Therapist

11. Diploma in Colour Therapy

12. Diploma in Nail Therapy

13. Diploma in Laser Therapy

14. Diploma in Body Alignment

15. Diploma in Hair & Skin Care

16. Diploma in Weight Management

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